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What Can You Do to Protect Your Ebike?

by DYUCYCLE USA 12 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, have exploded in popularity in recent years as an environmentally friendly and convenient method of transportation. However, like any valuable item, ebikes can attract thieves looking for an easy score. Protecting your investment in an ebike is crucial. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce the risk of your ebike being stolen.

Invest in a high-quality lock

The first line of defense for your ebike is a sturdy, heavy-duty lock. Cable locks can be easily cut with bolt cutters, so invest in a hardened steel U-lock instead. Look for U-locks made of titanium or reinforced metals that will be very difficult to slice through.

Be sure to lock through both the rear wheel and frame triangle to make your ebike immobile. You may want to use two different locks together for even greater security.

Strategically place locks on immovable objects

It’s not enough just to lock your ebike - you need to lock it to something secure. Look for solid metal bike racks, lamp posts, or street signs that are well anchored into concrete. Avoid locking to things that can be disassembled, like wooden posts or small trees.

Locking up in visible high-traffic areas and spots covered by security cameras also helps deter thieves from lingering to cut locks. The longer it takes to steal your locked ebike undetected, the better.

Install a GPS tracker

Ebike trackers attach to your bike inconspicuously and allow you to remotely monitor its location in real time. If your bike goes missing, you can track its movement and alert authorities to its location. Apple AirTags, Tile trackers, and dedicated GPS bike trackers from companies like Invoxia and Sherlock are popular options.

Just be sure to choose a tracker with a long battery life. Register the tracker ID just like you would your bike serial number in case it gets removed.

Register your ebike

Registering your ebike with local police or national registries provides an extra layer of protection. Keep records of your bike’s serial number, make, model, color, size, and any distinguishing features or custom parts.

If your bike is stolen and later recovered, you’ll need this documentation to reclaim it. Registration also sometimes deters thieves who know bikes can be identified and returned to owners. Check with your local police department about regional bike registries.

Lock properly every time

Many cyclists don’t take those extra few seconds to properly lock their bikes, leaving them vulnerable. Here are some tips:

  • Lock through the rear triangle on the frame - this is the most stable part.
  • Lock through the rear wheel AND frame together to prevent wheel theft.
  • Eliminate any gaps or wiggle room when locking that gives leverage to twist the lock.
  • Double-check quick-release seats, wheels, and other removable parts are locked, too.

Remove the battery when parked

If feasible, remove the battery when leaving your ebike unattended for any length of time. The battery can be easily stolen and is often the most valuable component. If not removable, secure the battery to the frame with an additional lock. This may require some DIY installation. Even a few minutes to unlock provides a window for battery theft.More info:2023 Ultimate Guide to E-bike Battery Safety (Theft)

Use theft deterrent decals

Decals that indicate your bike is protected by a security system or bike registry program can give thieves pause. Whether it’s true or not, they signal that your bike’s parts are traceable. Place these stickers somewhere visible on the frame. While they won’t guarantee prevention, they might just deter a criminal looking for an easy, untraceable target.

Try to keep your ebike out of sight from thieves

When at home, store your ebike in a locked shed or garage - never leave it sitting in the open yard or on an open porch. Thieves scout for targets, so keeping your ebike out of sight removes temptation. At work, park in a closed, monitored area rather than an exposed public bike rack where it will sit unattended all day. The less visible your ebike is, the less likely it will be targeted.

Insure your ebike

Since no anti-theft system is guaranteed, insure your ebike in case it does get stolen. Most home or renter’s insurance policies provide some coverage of ebikes automatically, but limits may be low.

Purchasing supplemental insurance tailored for ebikes can get you more protection against theft and damage. When choosing coverage, be sure to register and record details like make, model, serial number, and custom parts to properly identify and claim your ebike.


While no lock or precaution is foolproof, taking the right preventative measures can significantly improve the security of your ebike. The more barriers you place to theft, the less likely you’ll become a victim. Take proactive measures now to protect your investment for years of happy riding ahead.

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