DYU FF500 20 Inch 32KM/H 48V 500W Electric Bike
DYU FF500 20 Inch 32KM/H 48V 500W Electric Bike
DYU FF500 20 Inch 32KM/H 48V 500W Electric Bike
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DYU FF500 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike


1.Maximum power of 750W, 48V 14AH battery, with a maximum range of 70KM.
2.Product weight of 31KG, load capacity of 150KG.
3.Detachable battery and folding design for added convenience.
4.Equipped with a rear rack and fat tires to meet daily needs.
5.Shimano seven-speed transmission, with a large LED display screen.

Color: Blue
Plug: US
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DYU FF500 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike

DYU FF500 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike

$1,599.00 $899.00

DYU FF500 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike

$1,599.00 $899.00
Color: Blue
Plug: US

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Shock Absorbing System

Front shock absorbing system, feel confidence on challenging surfaces - just enjoy the ride

More Details, More Discoveries

The details reflect the seriousness of DYU


The super-bright beam brought by the headlight makes riding safely at night


Front shock absorbing system, feel confidence on challenging surfaces - just enjoy the ride


Fat tires give you a safe, stable ride. Large friction, can adapt to more weather.


Intimately matching the rear shelf, excess luggage and items are no longer a burden. There's also an optional front basket for more storage.


Clearly display all kinds of riding data, power, speed, mileage, gear, etc. You can control the status of your bike at any time and ride with confidence.


Customize your ride with a Shimano 7-speed. You can change the transmission design at any time to deal with treacherous terrain.

DYU FF500 Video

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Appearance Size
Accessory Parameters

Recommended Height

5.24 - 6.39FT

Load Capacity

Max 300LBS

Bicycle Weight

A. 69.3inch - 176cm B. 50inch - 127cm C. 23.6inch - 60cm D. 6.5inch - 16.5cm E. 23.8inch - 60.5cm F. 35inch - 89cm G. 41inch - 104cm

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Package Size


Pedals’ Ground Clearance


Foldable Size


Wheel Hub Size


Spread Size


Frame Color



68 lb(31 kg)

Max speed

20 Mph(32 km/h)

Assist Mode



-10 to 45 ℃

Max Loading

330.69 lb(150 kg)

Power Consumption per 100km

1.08 KWh

Uphill Grade

15 °

Average speed

15.5 Mph (or 25 Km/h)

Pure Electric Mode


Waterproof Level


Battery Type

18650 Lithium-ion Battery

Charging Voltage


Charging Time


Current Limit Value


Motor Type

High speed motor

Battery Capacity


Charger Input Voltage


Motor Rated Speed

340 r/min

Battery Fuse


Battery Rated Voltage


Motor Rated Power

500 W

Controller Under-Voltage Value


Motor Rated Voltage



Speed Sensor

Brake Mode

Front and rear disc brakes

Personalized Sticker


Front Light


Seat Height


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New Bike, New Questions

Want to learn more about the FF5500? Check out our FAQs.

Height Range: 5'2-6'4. Max Load: 330.69lb(150kg)
Assist Max range: 43.5 mi/70 km.Battery rated for 300 charge cycles(Battery efficiency down to 80%). (Approx 7-8 hours per charge session). Battery Maintain: Charge battery at least once a month if you plan to not use E-bike on a regular basis.
Parts covered by warranty are free! For parts not covered by warranty or accessories, please contact our customer service.
Max speed of FF500 is 32 km/h (19.88 mph), for sake of safety, you can’t change the max speed setting. We set max speed according to local law/regulations.
DYU is legal to sell our E-bikes in your country. We can provide you receipt. Please contact our customer service and share us your email.
We provide support from Monday to Sunday, and we will reply your questions within 48 hours. We promise you we will provide sincere and professional customer service!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Built right & Built with quality

So I've had my Ff500 for while now and I have to say I would easily recommend this ebike to anyone , now why though ? so let's get down to the specs we'll start with the nice 180mm brake disc's that provide a great stopping power I'm 175lbs n there's no issue of stopping with the bike. Now let's talk power 🔋 you will do 20mph in 3rd electric gearing up before you know it the throttle is smooth an not Jerky like some e bikes out there. the 20x4.0 tires are a nice solid grip to the pavement or if you want to head on the trails or dirt and with the suspension fork n seat you can't go wrong. now don't let the ff500 kid you saying its a commuter ebike because it can be upgraded I pushed that creative envelope and still going. this bike will support up to 300lbs with ease no issue. the lcd is a M5 with a rear hub drive motor n I love how the battery is integrated into the frame of the easy point of locking and unlocking with a key. an weighing around 60-70 ]
pounds around that it's very easy to pick up and fold up an be on your way to your next destination.

Arnell ONeil
Ebike review ff500

Love the unit, should come with a back light. Also wish it could be unlocked to class 3, 28 mph. Lastly would like to know how to purchase a spare battery.

TE 2000 crystal

Do not hesitate to buy this bike! I have been a mechanical engineer for over 36 years & have wrenched many assemblies through all of them. Quality you can see and feel as soon as you look inside the box - best packaging I have seen yet, ensures that your bike is not damaged in transit. It has hydraulic disc brakes (most have mechanical), trust me hydraulic brakes are a must have for a bike of this weight & size, it actually skids those huge fat tires when you need to stop fast! The battery seems to last forever (especially in the lower assist modes). In pedal assist mode (5) I was able to hit 31 mph (just to see how fast it would go) with me pedalling in addition to the motor (it will go 21 if you do not pedal - power only). This bike is powerful & strong!! I am a big guy - 235lb gym rat and I am very comfortable on this bike. In my opinion you will have a very difficult time finding a better bike at this price point - most bang for your buck. I almost never write product reviews, but I would encourage others to experience the same enjoyment that I have on this bike.


The bike is large and heavy.The battery life is really good.

Old Man Winter

As others have commented more thoroughly, this is a beast of a bike. It rides like butter in its various power assist modes, but I can still peddle as much as I want without freewheeling by shifting gears. The battery lasts and lasts, and the torque sensor is very smooth. I really like the step-through model -- I'm 5'10 and have always ridden a regular mens road bike, but given the weight of the bike and my being in my 50's now, it's sooo much easier to have a step through design.

Just as importantly, the company was excellent in answering some of my newbie questions.

The only two issues I have are related to the style of bike, not any fault of this bike. First, it really is heavy. It's definitely easier to have a second person around to help get this in and out of car, or even on a bike rack. Second, sometimes I'm in a situation where I want to walk next to the bike to wheel it somewhere without turning it off--- if I step on a peddle to help move it along, it's very likely it will jump forward as the motor kicks in. Not a big issue but something that caught me off guard a couple of times.

So I spent a *lot* of time looking. but couldn't find a better combination of features on an other bike in this price range. eg, the Aventon bikes have torque sensors, but not fat tires, other bikes have similar specs but without the torque sensor, others don't have a step through model, etc. This bike was the right choice for me given what I was looking for.

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