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Why is my ebike taking so long to arrive?
Contact us by email Our online email response time is within 8~24 hours on business days, please be patient.

1. For questions about orders on our website:

2. For after-sales service:

3. For brand promotion, endorsement:


How do I know that the order has been successfully placed?
When your payment is successful, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email in the mailbox you left, containing the order number with "A".

If you still fail to receive it within 24 hours after the payment is successful, please contact for help.
Can I cancel an order for personal reasons?
Sure, your order can be cancell before the goods are dispatched.

1. If you haven't received the shipping notification, you can cancel or modify this order by contacting our customer service by email. Our customer service will help you cancel or modify the order within 24 hours after receiving your email.

2. If you have received the shipping notification, please note that we cannot cancel or modify orders anymore. Therefore, please wait for your package to arrive and you may either keep it or contact us to return to a refund.

Learn more:
Can I change the order product/information?
Of course, but only before the order is shipped, usually within 24 hours after you get the order number, you can send a request to to change the product or shipping information, and we will help you change it immediately.


How long can I receive my bike?
2~7 business days.

For pre-orders, please refer to the shipping date on the product page. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email once the order has shipped. The carrier is FedEx/UPS/DPD. Once the items arrived in our warehouse, please allow 2~7 business days for your shipment to arrive at your address. For any third-party shipping, we cannot provide any additional shipping information or documentation. Any delivery dates provided by DYU are estimates.
Why is my order not shipped yet?
The order of the day will be shipped within 48 hours,we will send you a confirmation email to track the status of your order.
You can use the tracking number in the email to check the shipping status at any time on .

If you have not received the email with the tracking number for more than 48 hours, please contact
* When you purchase the pre-order products, the actual delivery time is subject to the estimated delivery date.
In which countries/regions can I buy?
Orders purchased on our official website are currently only supported for delivery to the following countries/regions:

1. UNITED STATES,All states except Alaska and Hawaii.

2. EUROPE,Outlying islands cannot be delivered.

3. UNITED KINGDOM,Except Isle of Man,Belfast,Jersey,Guernsey.

3. Australia.

You can go to the shipping and delivery page to learn more.
Why have I not received my package?
Affected by the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC, the delivery time of the local logistics company and the expected deviation, if the address is in a remote suburban or rural area, there will be delays. please understand.

The delivery time given to us by the logistics company is as follows:

United States 3~5 Business days

Others Europe Countries 5~9 Business days

United Kingdom 2~5 Business days

Accessories from China 8~14 Business days

If your package has not been received after the time has passed, please contact the logistics company and directly.


What payment methods can I use?
Our website accepts the Paypal, Debit & Credit Card.

For example, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex and more cards that support foreign currency transactions.

We still do not support check or installment checkout methods, but will open in the future.

Learn more on the payment policy page:
Why can't I make a payment successfully?
Please note that your credit card or Paypal settings must have USD settlement. Common payment errors are as follows:

1.Credit card payment failed, the code 80010: Transaction Do Not Honour is displayed

The buyer set a limit on the amount of online purchases, so the payment failed. Please check your credit card and lift the overseas spending restrictions.

2. Credit card payment failed, the code 80090: Cannot Start 3D Authorized Service is displayed. Consumers have not turned on 3D verification services. Don't be nervous about the first failure, you can try again or change a credit card. For security, consumers need to contact the bank to verify your identity and confirm that it is your own consumption.

3. PayPal payment failed, we don’t support Paypal credit. Please choose to use PayPal account balance, bind debit card, credit card to pay.
Why has extra fees was deducted from my card ?
When consumers choose non-USD credit cards to pay, the consumer's card issuing bank may incur additional exchange rate conversion service fees, or foreign transaction fees.

A foreign transaction (FX) fee is a surcharge on your credit card bill that appears when you make a purchase that either passes through a foreign bank or is in a currency other than the U.S. dollar (USD). This fee is charged by many credit card issuers, typically ranging from 1% to 3% of the transaction.

Please consult your bank about this fee. We will not charge it. Setting your credit card to support USD transactions will avoid this additional bank charge.
Do I need to pay customs duties or shipping fees?
For all the available shipping region ,

there willn't was further tax requirement,

the product price has included the shipping and the tax.

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