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Best small electric bike: practical machines for city living

by USADYUCYCLE 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The best small electric bikes: practical machines for urban life. Small electric bicycles are an emerging category with great practical value in urban areas.

"Helping them squeeze into the lives of space-strapped riders, little wheels have become a big trend for e-bikes. But just because their wheels have shrunk, don’t imagine these nippy little bikes provide diminished performance or comfort.

With most models using voluminous tyres, comfort and grip can actually be improved over a standard size wheel. Making them the perfect match for the latest motor and battery tech, they’re also incredibly fun to ride. 

Below are a few of our favourites from the latest crop of small e-bikes... "


The best small electric bike



Buy the DYU D3F 14 inch Small electric bike $489

Like the idea of ane-bike but suppose they're just too big and big for that space in your flat or the inside of your trailer van? Enter the DYU D3F, a small- wheeled( 14")e-bike with a also dolphin frame.


Although it’s made small, the figure and spec mean it’s suitable to do just what numerous largere-bikes can; it’s rated a 2 on DYU’s own 0 to 6 bike bracket scale( 0 being kiddies ’ bikes and 6 beingultra-off-road models). In other words, it'll be at home both on tarmac and on relatively rough dirt tracks and trails despite its fairly small size.


And despite the conciseness, it'll fit a wide range of rider sizes thanks to its height- malleable seat which also twists 90 ° once you ’ve undone a quick- release clamp, fitting in with the easy storehouse design. Low stand- over height means aged riders will love it, and the full package of the rack, LED lights, and mudguard makes it both compact andultra-practical. still, you can outfit for a frontal handbasket too, If you want to carry further.

The 250W motor strikes the right balance between dégagé performance, smooth civic riding and battery frugality, and it comes with a good- sized 36V 10AH frame- mounted battery and minimalist screen.

Even though it is very mini, you can still enjoy parent-child rides and you can install a child seat on it.

DYU is among international most popular bike manufacturers by volume, so it’s no surprise that this model – like utmost of the DYU’s huge range ofe-bike immolations – is excellent value for money.

Buy the DYU D3F 14 inch Small electric bike $489

Per charge in pedal assist mode

30-37 Miles

Top speed

15.5 Mph

Lithium-Ion Battery

36V, 10 Ah

Small Electric Bike


Frame material



1170*200*720 mm


1170*500*990 mm

Pedal Height

120 mm


14 inch


38 lb


Buy the DYU S2 10 inch Small electric bike €499

Buy the DYU S2 10 inch Small electric bike $409

Small ebikes usually have relatively small wheels with a view to being nippy and manoeuvrable around town and easy to store at home or on the move (on a car or train, for example). While the number of small ebikes is increasing, you can probably still count of them on one hand. So the competitively priced S2 from DYU, a manufacturer, should definitely be on your radar if you think small is beautiful in ebike terms.


Like most compacts it has a one-size-fits-all frame, with plenty of seatpost adjustment to suit most sizes of rider and a fairly light weight that makes move and lift easier.


The DYU S2 has a solid spec:  though 37lb, the lighter weight would be better suited to a small ebike you’d expect to be carry often, has 265 lb (120 kg) Load Capacity, even you are a strong man, strong Front and rear disc brakes, a brilliantly solid double-leg kickstand, 36V 10 AH battery and mudguards. In keeping with the simple design of the bike, the handlebar display/control is the minimalist.


All in all, it’s a super-practical, petite e-bike that’s bags of fun to ride and easy to store.

Buy the DYU S2 10 inch Small electric bike $409

Per charge in pedal assist mode

30-37 Miles

Top speed

15.5 Mph

Lithium-Ion Battery

36V, 10 Ah

Easy to ride even by kids



37 lb (17 kg)

Load Capacity

265 lb (120 kg)

Riding speed

13.3 Mph (20 km/h)

Max speed

15.5 Mph (25 km/h)

Power consumption per hundred kilometers


Range in throttle mode

25 Mi (40 km)

Range in pedal assist mode

31 Mi (50 km)



Operating temperature

10~45°(50-113 F°)

Waterproof level


Buy the DYU R1 20 Inch Pedal-Assist Torque Sensor E-Bike €799

Buy the DYU R1 20 Inch Pedal-Assist Torque Sensor E-Bike $799

DYU R1, 100% urban use, easy pedaling feeling, no doubt make your riding experience and journey very enjoyable.

Its strong point, is the removable seat battery, the battery is cleverly integrated into the seat post so it can't be very big, it is 36V 5AH, after 5 days of riding test, it can do 38 miles perfectly, of course its range also depends on the weight and terrain.

The adjustable seat also comes with a small padlock with a key, which prevents thieves from stealing the battery away. You can also remove the battery to charge it and save space.

It folds the handlebars in a scooter fashion, making it easy for you to transport it. By the way, it's light at just under 20 kg, which doesn't mean it's weak, it has a very sturdy chassis while having a well-preserved design that's comfortable to ride.

As you can see, it has a front fork shock, which makes it more comfortable for the rider. The wheels are 20 inches and the brakes are mechanical discs front and rear. It has a large and bright screen with a simple interface that can be easily operated even by the elderly or children. The three-speed riding mode allows you to move forward easily on flat ground, or slopes. Generally speaking, unless you want a clear workout you will turn on the 1-speed riding mode more comfortable is the 2-speed that allows you to go at an easy medium speed with little effort, and for small slopes it is quite suitable. Even down to 1st gear it rolls well, but it already requires us to use a little power to ride. For steep slopes, use the 3rd gear mode, which is ideal, as if you were riding on a flat bottom.

Because the R1 is equipped with a torque sensor, this makes it almost "electrically supported" for us, and as soon as you pedal, it disappears to continuously control the force we generate. Pedaling to a greater or lesser extent provides electrical support on an urban bike like this, which is important because it maximizes the duration.

It has a small luggage rack that you can perfectly support a small basket or some luggage. With its 250W of power, it allows us to comfortably get to work, to class, or to work out outdoors, a little far from downtown, etc.

I must also tell you the legality of this car, at least in Europe, because it does not have a throttle gas pedal, it always has pedal support!

Buy the DYU R1 20 Inch Pedal-Assist Torque Sensor E-Bike $799

Easier climbs

Torque Sensor



Care free

Front Shock Absorber

Stable & Comfortable


Seat Tube Battery


Warning System

Spoked wheel


Net Weight

45.5 lb(20.1 kg)

Max Loading

330 lb(150 kg)

Riding speed

13.3 Mph(20 km/h)

Max speed

15.5 Mph(25 km/h)

Power Consumption per 100km

1.1 KWh

Assist Mode

25 km

Uphill Grade

15 °

Waterproof Level


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