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Electric Bike Report review for DYU

DYU D3F Review | Electric Mini Bike (2022)

“ The DYU D3F will hold appeal to people for different reasons. Maybe it's the ~$500 price tag. Maybe its the compact storage. Maybe the hope is that its smaller stature makes it a viable option for the kiddos to ride around on. Whatever the appeal (and since we see them on the roads, there is clearly some) the DYU D3f is certainly an interesting e-bike compare to some of the others that we've reviewed here at Electric Bike Report. ”

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Affordable Torque Sensor E-Bike!

“ Funky e-bike review: The $999 DYU R1 electric bike looks odd but works great! ”

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Electrek review for DYU

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DYU D20 20 Inch Folding ebike

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