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Rainy day electric bikes safe riding guide: 8 tips to keep in mind

by DYUCYCLE USA 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Riding safely in the rainy season

In summer, most parts of the world experience heavy rain time.

It has been raining in many areas recently, bringing us many inconveniences.

Therefore, we created this guide with 8 tips that are important for rainy day riding.

Rainy day electric bikes safe riding guide: 8 tips to keep in mind

Be more careful when it rains.

Especially in e-bike travel, we must raise safety awareness.


How to do it correctly when riding an electric bicycle in the rain?

Precautions for riding ebikes in rainy days

Be alert and ride safely

1. Before going out, inspect your bike first

Electric bikes should be thoroughly inspected before going out. For example, whether the braking performance is working properly; whether important components such as tires are in good condition.

2. Slow down and avoid emergency braking

When riding on rainy days, the speed should not be too fast, brake gently, judge the road conditions as soon as possible, and avoid sudden braking to avoid accidental injuries caused by the wheels slipping out of control. In addition, excessive speed will make it easier for the water to leak into the bike, which will also cause trouble for passers-by.

3. Be careful not to pass through places where the water is too deep

Pay attention to avoid passing through places with deep water, and choose a road with shallow water, preferably not more than half of the wheel.

4. Try to avoid road traffic signs

There will be some traffic sign lines on the ground, which are easy to slip on rainy days, and these lines are a few millimeters higher than the normal road surface. Although not many, it is easy to slip.

5. Wear rain gear reasonably

It is recommended that users use a raincoat when driving in rainy days, hold the handlebars of the electric bicycle tightly with both hands, and remember not to use an umbrella while riding.

6. Try not to charge on rainy days

Try not to charge in rainy days, and then go to a safe place to charge when the rain stops. If you have to charge, please choose a dry and sheltered place to protect the charger from rain.

7. After the ebike is rained, do not forcibly turn on the electricity

After the electric bike is wet by rain, it is best not to turn on the power forcibly, and check the parts after drying. Only use it if there is no abnormality, especially protect the instrument panel and motor.

8. Park out of the rain

When parking electric bikes, be careful to avoid the rain. It is better to have a canopy for parking. If there is no canopy for parking, you can put a rain-proof cloth on the electric bike, or “put on” a raincoat for the electric bike.

Rainy day electric bikes safe riding guide: 8 tips to keep in mind

DYU Smart Bike Warm Reminding: When riding on rainy days, pay more attention to riding safety, and safety first!

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