dyu foldable electric cycle 10 ah battery for D3+/D3F
dyu foldable electric cycle 6 ah battery for D2F
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DYU Electric Folding Bike 36V 6AH/10AH Spare Battery D3F/D3+/D2F/D2

  • Suitable: D3F/D3+
  • Parameter. 20A BMS(Battery Management System). The range is about 30 miles without pedaling.
  • More extended Service Life. lithium battery still has more than 80% capacity after 1000cylces. the life expectancy of our Ebike Battery is up to 5 years.
  • High Quality & Safe. The battery is equipped with a fuse and a BMS protective board to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, the current, and short circuits, and ensure a long life expectancy.
  • Waterproof. The battery case is ABS which is super waterproof. don’t worry battery was wet by rain or water.

Voltage:36V  Model:10.4Ah

Rated Voltage:36V
Rated Capacity:10.4Ah
Battery Power:37.4Wh
Max Charge Voltage:42V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage:27.5V
Max. Charge Current:4A
Standard Discharge Current:4A
Max. Discharge Current(BMS):12A
Over-current protection:60A
Net weight:2.0kg
Gross weight:2.3kg
Battery size:205×75×90mm


Package Contents:
1* Battery 

Packing size 240×140×115mm 

Operating Temperature:

1. When charging the battery, please use the regular brand charger. The charging time should not exceed 6 hours.
2. It is strictly forbidden to place batteries in water and in fire, so as to avoid getting close to the heat source. It is not permitted to use metal and conductive materials to plug in the charging and discharging interfaces.
3. If you do not use the battery for a long time, please keep the battery power between 40% and 70%, it is recommended that the battery be charged every two months; otherwise, the battery may be damaged, and this irreversible damage is not within the warranty.
4. Please keep these products and accessories properly and keep them away from children.
5. Unauthorized self-repair and modification of parts may cause damage to the product and such man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.
6. Please use this product according to your local laws, regulations, and restrictions.

Model: D3F 10AH
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dyu foldable electric cycle 10 ah battery for D3+/D3F

DYU Electric Folding Bike 36V 6AH/10AH Spare Battery D3F/D3+/D2F/D2

$229.00 $199.00

DYU Electric Folding Bike 36V 6AH/10AH Spare Battery D3F/D3+/D2F/D2

$229.00 $199.00
Model: D3F 10AH

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bruno Pinto M
Too big

The battery seems to work but it was a challenge to make it fit as it is bigger than the original one. Had to assemble it without the original metal brackets/mounts and hope it will work. The battery also came with a crack in one of the corners and if you shake it, you can hear an internal noise as if it had loose or broken parts inside.

Charles -

I'm sorry, I ordered a new battery for DYU L1 and I did not receive it yet because you gave me back my money. I would be glad to know if you would find me a new DYU L1 battery so I can purchase it from you guys. Thank you!

Martins Duks
Refund money

Thank you! Very fast return shipping battery and refund money.

Great battery amazing seller!

Had a problem with shipment and thought I’d just get a refund but seller reached out and made it right! Great battery! Gives me loads of range. Used it to retrofit an older ebike that would have costed way more. I’m very satisfied

Lowell H.
Better than expected. Fast shipping, High quality.

Came faster than estimated arrival date. I even emailed the seller to confirm the arrival date and they responded right away to let me know the battery would arrive before I left for vacation.

The battery took 20 minutes to install. No surprises. It worked as expected right away. We've been using the scooter for about 3 weeks and can confirm it has WAY more power than the stock battery, and lasts forever. Used to charge our bike every day or two - now we charge it every week or two.