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Mini electric bike DYU D3F first impression from the geeky trucker

by DYUCYCLE USA 28 Jun 2022 0 Comments

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Greetings to all and welcome to the new video, well in this video we are going to see how is this electric bicycle, or better said mini electric bicycle specifically the DYU D3F mini.

Well first of all as always is to take the bicycle out of its box that came very well in packaging, and start removing the protections to be able to mount the one that I already told you that mounting it is very easy. Because you will spend more time removing protections than assembling the parts that have not already been mounted as standard one of those parts will be the saddle. As you can see, it can be adjusted, removed or put on super quickly and you see us very well, especially when transporting it or putting it in a trunk.

For example, in this box we will get a key, the rear mudguard, the pedals and the charger, the rear mudguard will be very easy to put on, you have to remove the screw that is in the chassis, and with that same screw place the rear fender then simply with the small wrench that you see. We tighten it and ready to place the pedals because there is no mystery either, they simply screw on and when they are a little hard we will use one of the keys that come to us to make them tight. It also comes with a rear light that we must put on the mast of the seat post so what you have to do is remove it, insert the light that goes with a simple rubber band and it would be ready and it would only be necessary to place the saddle again and the charger that comes with it would remain, it is very similar to that of electric scooters and it charges the bicycle in 5 hours to charge it is very easy you just have to remove this rubber stopper and connect its cable there to adjust the handlebar correctly we loosen the center lever we put it as it should be and tighten and to place the bell.

I simply had to move it a little bit up to the height that seemed good to me and ready to start the bike. We simply have to press the little button on the left once and as you see by the leds on the right it, would already be running and if we press the accelerator, the bike will start to move. The leds will help us to know how much battery we have left and the button below is used to turn on or off the light that we have on the front. It is very powerful, both to understand it and to turn it off, you have to leave the button pressed for a few seconds until now.

I liked everything that comes from the bicycle. It seems to me that it has good materials, good finishes, a very minimalist design and, above all, easy to assemble and handle. The stand seems to me to be of very good quality, just like the rest of the bicycle. The wheels are 14- inches with an inner tube and it has disc brakes both in front and behind. Here you can see the little light that I showed you before, as you can see, it is a very simple light. In various positions simply by pressing the button because we will be changing from one to another and under the seat, you can see the springs that make it extremely comfortable pedals are foldable and the shoes grip very well on them in the center of the frame right where the brand logo is DYU, I deduce that the battery is there, which by the way I have not seen that it can be disassembled in any way and here you will see the front wheel With its corresponding disc brake and also its mudguard, this fully assembled bicycle weighs 17 kilos and if you look right where I have it,

there is a small hole so that you can put your hand there and be able to hold it better, I tell you that it was better for me to transport it if I hit the handlebar and took it off or put it down completely, yes, then the weight was more centered and it was easier for me to move it from one place to another in my unit, the brakes have been perfectly adjusted so I have not had to touch anything as you can see this bicycle is not like some electric scooters that need a push to start the motor not here. Directly the algae and it already accelerates for sure rto its maximum speed is limited to 25 kilometers per hour well here

you can see how it looks inside the trunk of an expensive skoda which is a large trunk despite being an electric bicycle and takes up a lot of space in the trunk. here you can see closely how it is the handlebar folding system for me is very familiar since it is the same used by some electric scooters. I would like the saddle to be. put a little higher but I have to say that you are also very comfortable and it also supports up to 120 kilos. here you can see also how the pedals unfold the LEDs that indicate the battery, we have left are seen correctly in the sun in this video you can see how the bicycle fits a person who measures 178. this bicycle works simply with the accelerator or with assisted pedaling, and as you can see it brakes very well. so if you need it you can leave the dive very quickly well here you see me using the pedaling assist, Tied this way the battery will last up to 60 kilometers and it is activated very easily as soon as you start pedaling, and the motor activates and it helps you a lot you can even climb hills easily it has ip54 resistance so in theory, you should not have problems using it in the rain or even in a place where there is a lot of dust or it occurred to me that even the beach has a nominal power of 240 watts so although the website indicates that it can support, up to 120 kilos the bike is not going to behave the same with a person who weighs, 120 kilos compared to another who weighs, for example, 75 and the issue of how long the battery lasts or how well it climbs the slopes will also be an issue that will be seen.

Depending on the weight that the bicycle carries on me in general I liked this bicycle a lot, it is as if it were a kind of electric scooter but much more comfortable since you can sit quietly so I think nothing I have already commented everything you need to know about this electric bicycle. I leave you the purchase link as always in the description of this video and if you liked this video you can show it by leaving me a like. Thank you.

Learn more about DYU D3F

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