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DYU S2 Small Size Electric Bike unboxing

by DYUCYCLE USA 28 Apr 2022 0 Comments

I've finally got my DYU S2, it's a little bit smaller than my other e-bike, but it's got a lot more functionality, and a little bit smaller and more lightweight so it should be a little bit more fun. So what I'm gonna do is open it up and show you around, so I managed to get all the silly tape off and it was nicely packaged. And then inside as you can see it's quite a small bike and it's all in pieces so what I'm gonna do is take it out and get it all up and running right.

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So I've managed to get everything out the box, you can see it's nicely packaged all the styrofoams on them all the right places, so it doesn't get damaged, got your seat post here. got your alarm your keys and your charges and um your pedals are things inside the box.

so what I'm gonna do first is open the box up first before I unwrap the bike so I'm going to go ahead and do that now

All right so let's open this up and see what we've got. so we've got I think it's us cable, both of these are us and eu I think got the actual charger block.

I've got a kettle um cable already so that should be fine use it for my scooter why I think still be a wrapper in there got your pedals I need to screw on plastic foldable ones and instructions the manual and you get some tools with that as well which is pretty cool and yeah that's it so I've got the packaging off and what I'm going to do now is put the seat on first but before I do that you can see how small it is.

so it's quite nice that you can you know put it in your boot and should be you know quite compact and should fit in there quite nicely um so to get the seat in just take that out and there's this little cap here which is pretty nice looks after your seat post area doesn't get damaged in transit and then literally it'll just go in like that and it's got a suspension post.

as well as a suspension post as well so it's got that um nice should be quite comfortable riding it. right and then the handlebar it folds down like that so what I need to do is literally just pull it up and hope that he doesn't fall over on me but yeah she goes in like that and then if you can see it's got this clip holds in and then you've got this that slots and then locks in place so if it does ever fold in it's got this lock mechanism for extra safety and then the handlebars need to be twisted over a little bit um they're delivered like this, so the hand bar and the brakes don't get damaged so what you need to do is just unclip that and then slightly just rotate that and that should be fine I'll probably adjust it to my kind of preference later

but yeah that's what it is really right so the next thing i need to do is put these pedals on so these are foldable so once they're on to be a lot
more compact the bike. Go with reflectors and also it comes with the left and right labels so you can't get mixed up and show you which rotation to put them in so I'm going to put them in now so it literally just goes in and screwed them in, nothing too difficult so I'm going to go ahead and do that.

right so i'm getting the pedals in at the moment as you can see it folds in and open up it just goes like that and then they've included this tool as well so after you've done that just give it a few more rotations and it should be nice and tight in there

so yeah that's one side done need to the other side, right guys so everything's all on now. what I'm going to do is give you a quick specs sheet on that and go over the main areas so obviously it's called the DYU S2, it's got 10-inch wheels the bike weighs about 17 kg, and the max capacity that you can load onto the bike is about 120 kg, the riding speed i think this is where you can use electric-only which is 20 km per hour and then max speed is 25 which is around 15. i believe which is normally that legal kind of speed electric. Endurance 40 kilometers, apparently um obviously this is like the best scenario obviously weight plays a factor in speed, hills etcetera and then boosts battery life I think

That's when you're pedaling which is pedal assist and using the electric motor at the same time which is 50 km and the battery capacity which is 10amps which is bigger than my other one so it should get more range

Charging time around six hours, the rated motor power is 240 watts the battery voltage or and the motor voltage, 36 volts and it's got headlight tail light. seat height adjustable, the cruise control kicks in after eight
seconds and it's disc brakes so I'm going to do now take a closer look at all these functions and you know have a look around right so you can see on the back wheel it's got a 10-inch wheel. pretty solid it's got this nice little it looks like a little spoiler by obviously a mudguard nice little mudguard to keep you you know dry in the rain if you ride in there

And then you've got these reflectors here and also your mudguard here
um on this side it's got this warning label, nothing else on that side to be honest so.

Learn more about DYU S2 10 Inch Mini Electric Bike Compact Stylish Portable Design

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