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Discover New DYU FF500 The Most Comfortable Electric Bike

by DYUCYCLE USA 25 Mar 2023 0 Comments

The video is a detailed review of the DYU FF 500 electric bike. The reviewer attended the New Jersey ebike show where they met the DYU team and had the opportunity to check out their new bike lineup. They were particularly impressed by the V8 and FF500 models, which caught their attention due to their great specs, original design, and affordability.

The focus of the review is on the FF500 model, which is priced at $1,099, making it a very attractive option for those looking for an affordable electric bike. The first thing the reviewer noted was the bike's design, which they found to be very exciting and interesting. The frame shape, foldability option, locking mechanism structure, and blue color all contributed to the bike's attractive appearance.

The bike features a 500W rear hub motor and a 48V 14Ah battery with a capacity of 18650 cells, which is very compact and can be charged outside of the frame. It has three speed levels, with a maximum top speed of 20 miles per hour. The bike is limited to this speed, which means that no matter how hard you pedal, you won't go faster than 21 or 22 miles per hour. The Cadence Sensor is set up to kick after a full pedal rotation and is butter smooth. Pressing the throttle from a dead stop will engage the bike immediately and give you a very strong torque and fast acceleration, gradually reaching 20 miles per hour.

The reviewer found the bike to be very comfortable to ride, with good suspension and adjustable ergonomics. They noted that at first, they felt a little uncomfortable sitting over the handlebars, but moving the seat back one to two inches changed everything. The sit pole suspension and inflatable cover made the ride very comfortable, and the reviewer was able to cover 27.8 miles in the third speed setting with speeds ranging from 13-14 miles per hour all the way up to 20 miles per hour.

The bike is easy to assemble and transport, weighing only 67 pounds, and it was simple to load it into the bus. Removing the battery makes it even easier to move around. The bike also features a turn shifter, a Shimano 7-speed shifter, and standard mechanical disc brakes.

The reviewer suggests that the bike would be improved by the addition of a rear active brake light, a longer seat post for tour riders, and an option for a larger front chain ring. They also noted that the handlebar is 23 inches wide and has comfortable grips that stick to your hand even without gloves.

Overall, the DYU FF500 electric bike is founded to be a great option for both fun riding and commuting. Its affordability and brand strategy make it an attractive option for customers, and it is a superior new user experience that should attract and retain more new customers.

Where to buy DYU FF500 Fat Tire Electric Bike @$1099

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